The NeferuRa was built in 1910 as a family yacht by Omar Pasha Sultan. After several years, he traded it to his friend, Ragib Pasha Hussein, for a horse.  It stayed in this family until the 1970s when it was sold to a lawyer in El Minia, whose sons demasted the boat and converted it into a dockside resaturant.  In 2001 it was purchased by Museum Tours and restored to its original condition, except that the plumbing has been modernized.

 Museum Tours

Brief History

The historic dahabeyah, NeferuRa

Photo - Kmt/Forbes
Length: 24 meters (75 feet)
Beam: 4.5 meters (14 feet)
Draft: 1 meter (39 inches)
Sails: 2 lateen, trinkeet style,
   25 meters and 18 meters high
Water supply: Triple filtered Nile
   water with 500 liter capacity
   tank (for washing only). Bottled
   water is used for drinking and
1 victorian salon (3.7 m x 3.5 m)
3 single staterooms with non-
   functioning, individual, antique
   porcelain wash basins
1 double state-room (Pasha Suite)
   with 2 wash basins and a private
1 washroom with sink and toilet
1 shower room with hot water
1 pantry with sink and refrigerator
   (kitchen area on the top deck)
1 top deck with canopy (4 m x 9 m)

Thutmose III
Floor Plan of the interior of the NeferuRa
It was truly delightful to relax and dine above deck watching the ever-changing Nile views glide by. Chef Mamdouh's delicious, multi-course, three meals a day (plus tea time treats) were amazing.
Pictures of the NeferuRa
Panoramic view of the NeferuRa
 Aftcastle from outside
 NeferuRa at shore
 Aftcastle from inside
 Top deck cleared
Top deck at lunch
 Top deck, preparing for lunch
Stairs to top deck from fore deck
Stairs to interior from top deck
Bow of the NeferuRa
Wash room and toilet
Pasha Suite with wash basin
Single stateroom with wash basin
Single stateroon