The Amarna Research Foundation is dedicated exclusively to the advancement of interest and research in the Amarna Period. Funds contributed through memberships and grants are used to promote archeological excavations, conservation, research and publication of the period of Egyptian history. Significant wrok is currently being done in the excavation and preservation of Tel el-Amarna, and in the planning of an on-site visitors center. Financial grants will be awarded by the Foundation to promote these and other worthy projects dealing with the Amarna period.

The Amarna Research Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization incorporated under the laws of Colorado. Contributions to the foundation are tax exempt. It is controlled by a Board of Trustees, all of whom serve as volunteers. There are no salaried positions in the Foundation, neither do the trustees receive any recompense for their services.


Honorary Trustees
  • Rita Freed, PhD Norma-Jean Calderwood Curator, Egyptian, Nubian & Near Eastern Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • T.G.H. James, CBE, FBA, Retired Keeper, Egyptian Collection, British Museum
  • W. Raymond Johnson, PhD, Director, Epigraphic Survey, Oriental Institute, niversity of Chicago
  • Barry J. Kemp, Field Director, Amarna Expedition - EES, Professor of Egyptology, Cambridge University, England
  • Henri Riad, PhD, Retired Curator, Egyptian Museum, Cairo (Ret'd)
  • Dietrich Wildung, PhD, Director, Egyptian Museum, Berlin
  • Richard H. Wilkinson, PhD, Director, University of Arizona Egytpian Expedition
  • Geoffrey Martin, PhD, LittD, FSAChrist's College, Cambridge University, Field Director, Amarna Royal Tombs Project, Valley of the Kings

    Regular Trustees

  • David W. Pepper, President
  • Chris Advincula, Vice President - Administration
  • Floyd R. Chapman, Vice President - Operations
  • Linda Anderson, Secretary
  • Evan Mitchell, Treasurer
  • Anita McHugh, Publications
  • Tom Cassidy
  • Lynne Cole
  • Jack Elliot
  • Robert A. Hanawalt, Founder
  • Ellen LeBlanc
  • William Petty, PhD
  • Kristin Thompson

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