Individuals, Corporations, Foundations and other groups are encouraged and asked to join with The Amarna Research Foundation in providing the necessary funding to continue the exploration, stabilization, conservation and publication of this unique site and period.

We know that the greatest benefit you will receive for your participation as a member will be the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped preserve a portion of Egypt's great heritage.

To recognize your participation, The Amarna Research Foundation offers the following recognition:

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  • An 8"x10" membership certificate, printed on papyrus, with your name written in hieroglyphs, or in English, or both - you choose.
  • .
  • A semi-annual newsletter of the progress and conditions of projects at Amarna. Additional bulletins will be provided as warranted.
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  • For those joining the Foundation at the Sponsor level or above, a set of twelve unique slides or pictures (your choice), of and around Tell-el-Amarna.
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  • For those who are Sponsor level or Benefactor level, the opportunity to designate specific projects to which their membership will be applied.
    Membership Categories:
  • Individual -
  • $30 (International - $35)
  • Sustaining -
  • $100
  • Corporate -
  • $100
  • Sponsor -
  • $500
  • Benefactor -
  • $1,000
    E-mail us with your name and postal address and we will mail you a membership application so you can help support this important work.

    Or print a membership application in PDF format.

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