Museum Tours, Inc. was founded in 1995 and is a Colorado Corporation in good standing.
Our tours are provided in cooperation with: 
We have worked with a number of Museums and other organizations through the years in providing tours to Egypt, including: 
   Ancient Empires - Egypt (2003)
   The Explorers Club, New York (1999, 2001, 2003)
   The Denver Museum of Natural History (1996, 1999,
       2000, 2001)
   The Birmingham Art Museum (2000)
   The Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha (2000)
   The Ancient Egypt Studies Association (2000)
   The Association of Graduates, West Point (1999)
   The Museum of Western Colorado, Grand Junction, CO
   The Museum of Man, San Diego, California (1996)
   The Archaeological Institute of America (2000 - 2012)
   The Field Museum, Chicago (1999 - 2012)
   Milwaukee Public Museum (2005)
If you would like information on how your organization can participate in one of our tours, or if you, as an individual, would like to join one of our tours, simply call us or E-mail us and we will send you the necessary information.
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 Museum Tours

The Company

Museum Tours has specialized in providing tours to Egypt for museum members, organizations and individual travel enthusiasts since 1995.

Photo - Kmt/Forbes

Our president, Dr. William Petty, is a West Point graduate, and holds a PhD in Engineering from the University of Illinois.









Bill is a past president of the Egyptian Study Society and of The Amarna Research Foundation and is a member the American Research Center in Egypt. He has presented many lectures on Egypt travel and history, and has published a number of articles, and one book, on Egypt, including four articles in Kmt (a Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt).

Bill has written several books, all of them are available on
  • Hieroglyphic Sign List
  • Names of the Kings of Egypt (with Kevin Johnson) 
  • Hieroglyphic Dictionary 
  • Eghyptian Glyphary
  • Understanding Hieroglyphic Inscriptions
In addition to his knowledge of Egypt he has been in the vacation planning business since 1988. Dr. Petty personally designs, coordinates and (in some cases) leads our tours.
On November 7, 2001, Bill and Nancy were interviewed by Julie Chen of CBS News on the effects of 9/11 on tourism in Egypt.
Watch that interview.
On June 7, 2002, Bill was featured in a newscast on Denver's Channel 2.
Watch that feature.

Founder and President
Museum Tours, Inc.


Thutmose III
 Bill and Nancy Petty at the Temple of Seti I