100% discount   (that's FREE)
A child under 12 years of age sharing a room with two, full rate paying participants will receive a 100% discount off the price of the tour.  That's right, your child goes with you for FREE.
75% discount
A child under 12 years of age sharing a room with one, full rate paying participant will receive a 75% discount off the price of the tour. Your child, under 12, pays only 25% of the regular adult rate.
50% discount
A child at least 12, but under 18, years of age sharing a room with one, full rate paying participant will receive a 50% discount off the price of the tour. Your child, under 18, pays 50% of the regular adult rate.
The Fine Print:
1.  There must be at least as many full rate paying participants as there are discounted rates. (ex. If there are 3 children with discounted rates there must be at least 3 participants paying full rate for the tour.)
2.  Discount applies only to regular trip cost and does not include any Optional items, trip extensions, International airfare, visas, snacks, souviners, etc.
3.  Discount is effective on five of our most popular tours (Egyptian Odyssey, Grand Odyssey, Pharaonic Journey, Pharaonic Highlights, and Egypt Revisited). It cannot be applied to any other tours or to any special or custom tours we may offer.
4.  Each school age child receiving a discount must obtain an International Student ID card. There will be a $100 surcharge for any child without the required Student ID.
5.  The third person in any room must be under the age of 12 years. (ex. Two parents traveling with one 16 year old child would need to pay one full rate and one 50% off rate (sharing a room) and one full rate with single supplement for the second parent.)
6  This offer applies only to Standard accommodation option on our tours.  It is not available with Superior and Value accommodations. This condition does not apply to Grand Odyssey, which offers deluxe accommodations for most of the tour.
7.  This offer may be terminated or withdrawn by Museum Tours, Inc. at any time and for any, or no, reason.  This offer will be binding on Museum Tours once your reservation form and deposit have been received and acknowledged by Museum Tours via letter or email. Acknowledgement of payment by the credit card processor does not count.
8.  This offer is only good for reservations made directly by the participant with Museum Tours, Inc., without the involvement of any third party.  Travel agent commissions will not be paid on reservations that include this discount offer.

Museum Tours

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Discounts for 2018
Egyptian Odyssey is, historically, our most popular tour offering first time visitors to Egypt a comprehensive, 14 day, view of this amazing country and her antiquities.  This tour features Standard accommodations.
Grand Odyssey is a 15 day, private tour of Egypt and the Nile, featuring 5-star hotels throughout. You will see all of Egypt's major sights and many lesser ones.  This tour features Deluxe accommodations.
Pharaonic Journey is a shorter, 11 day tour that offers all the main sites of Egypt's fantastic history.  This tour features Standard accommodations.
Pharaonic Highlights is an 8 day tours designed for families with children.  It is also our lowest priced tour, but is still fairly comprehensive. Add the Optional side trip to AbuSimbel (not discounted) for an even more comprehensive tour.  This tour features Standard accommodations.
Egypt Revisited is a 14 day tour for those who have been to Egypt before and want to see parts of the country and sights not covered by tours designed for first-time visitors.  This tour features Standard accommodations.
Thutmose III
For 2018, Museum Tours is offering huge discounts never offered before, by anyone, to the best of our knowledge.