David Roberts, R.A.

David Roberts was born is Scotland in 1796. After moving to London, he achieved a respectable reputation as an artist prior to 1838 when he traveled to Egypt and the Holy Land to paint the monuments, architecture and people. Upon his return to England, his works were published (in conjunction with the lithographer Louis Haghe) in a six volume set, in which all 248 lithographs were hand colored. The first three volumes depicted Egypt and Nubia; the second three, the Holy Land. The set, which was sold by subscription, was an immediate success. Roberts was admitted to the Royal Academy and he continued to travel and paint until his death in 1864.

After more than 150 years his paintings are still the most beloved and popular illustrations of Egypt and are highly sought after by collectors.


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Wall 1
Interview with the Viceroy
Oblisk of Alexandria
Pompey's Piller
Oblisk of Heliopolis
The Holy Tree
Wall 2
Pyramids of Gezeeh, from the Nile
Pyramids of Geezeh
The Gread Sphinx, July 17th
The Great Sphinx
Approach of the Simoon
Pyramids of Dashour
Walll 3
Principal Mosque, Siout
Caves of Beni-Hasan
Lateral View of Dendera
Dendera, Decr 7th
View under the Portico, Dendera
Wall 4
Dendera, Decr
Temple of Isis, Dendera
A Persian Wheel
Temple of Madamoud
Great Gateway, Karnak
Wall 5
Ruins of Karnak
Karnak, Novr 29th
Great Hall at karnak
Karnak, Nov. 29th
Hall of Columns, Karnak
Karnak, Nov 27th
Wall 6
Libyan Cahin of Mountains
General View, Luxor
Grand Entrance, Luxor
Entrance to Luxor
Luxor, Decr 1st
At Luxor
Wall 7
Ruins of Luxor
Thebes, Decr 4th
Statues of Memnon
Statues of Memnon, Inundation
Temple of Amun, Thebes
Entrance to the Tombs of the Kings
Wall 8
Ruins of the Memnonium
Colossi at the Memnonium
Medinet abou, Dec 8th
Medinet abou, Dec 5th
Wall 9
Temple of Edfou
Edfou, Nov 24th
Portico, Temple of Edfou
View from the Porticl, Edfou
Wall 10
Kom-Ombo, Novr 21
Kom-Ombo, Novr 21st
General View of Esouan
sland of Biggeh
Island of Philae
View of the Island of Philae
Wall 11
Philae, Novr 18
Approach to the Temple of Philae
Portico at thye Temple of Philae
View under the Portico, Philae
Hypaethral Temple at Philae
Wady Maharraka, Nubia
Wall 12
Wady Dabod, Nubia
Wady Dabod Novr 16th
Wady-Kardassy in Nubia
Temple of Kardeseh, Nubia
Nubians - Wady Kardasy
Temple of Tafa in Nubia
Wall 13
Portico of the temple of Kalabshe
Temple of Kalabshe, Nubia
Temple of Dandour
Temple of Gyrshe, Nubia
Dakka, in Nubia
Approach to the Temple of Wady Saboua
Wall 14
Colossus, Temple at Wady Saboua
Temple of Wady Saboua, Nubia
Temple of Amdda
Approach to the Fortress of Ibrim
Fortress of Ibrim
Temples of Aboo Simble
Wall 15
The Great Temple of Aboo-Simble
Front Elevation, Aboo Simble
Entrance to the Temple of Aboo Simble
Interior of Aboo-Simble
Sanctuary of Aboo-Simble
Abyssinian Salves at Korti
Wall 16
Nubian Women at Kortie
Bullack, Cairo
Cairo, looking West
Cairo from the Citzenib
Street scene in Cairo
The Coffee-Shop
Wall 17
The Letter-Writer, Cairo
Dancing Girls at Cairo
In the Slave market at Cairo
The Citadel of Cario
Entrance to the Citadel
Mosque of the Sultan Hasan
Wall 18
Entrance to the Mosque of Hassan
Mosque of Hasan, Cairo
Mosque El Rhamree
Interior, Mosque of El Ghoree
Gate of Victory
Bazaar of the Coppersmiths
Wall 19
Bazaar of the Silk Mercers
Modern Mansion, Cairo
Mosque of El Mooristan
Gate of the Metwayleys
Grand Entrance of the Metwaleys
Interior, Mosque of the Metwalys
Wall 20
Tombs of the Memlooks, Cairo
Tombs of the Memlooks
One of the Tombs of the Khalifs
Tombs of the Caliphs - Cairo
Tombs of the Caliphs, Cairo
Tombs of the Khalifs, Cairo
Wall 21
Ruined Mosques in the Desert
View on the Nile
The Nilometer

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