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Popular Tour Packages and Extensions
With weekly departures, you can select travel dates that fit your schedule.
We have seven (7) popular itineraries to choose from and six (6) tour extensions.

In our Tour Packages and Extensions, you choose the Meal Plan that works best for you.
      Bed & Breakfast
      Half Board
      Full Board

And in our Tour Packages you are able to select the level of Accommodations you want.

Minor changes can often be made to the itinerary without extra cost.

Tour Packages

Pharaonic Highlights                                     

                      $1,215 to $4,590 per person

About Pharaonic Highlights:
Pharaonic Highlights was specially designed for families
and travelers with limited time. This fast-paced tour
covers the major sights of Cairo and Luxor. An optional
side trip to Abu Simbel is available.


Pharaonic Journey                                       

                      $3,860 to $6,665 per person

About Pharaonic Journey:
Pharaonic Journey was designed for those with limited
time, but who want to enjoy a Nile River cruise. It
covers the major sights of Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. An
optional side trip to Abu Simbel is available.


Egyptian Odyssey                                         

                      $$5,290 to $9,390 per person

About Egyptian Odyssey:
Egyptian Odyssey is our most popular tour, designed
for those who want to get the most out of their first
trip to Egypt. It includes all the mojor sites in Cairo,
Luxor and Aswan, a Nile River Cruise, and Abu Simbel.


Egypt Revisited                                            

                      $5,290 to $9,390 per person

About Egypt Revisited:
Egypt Revisited is for the return visitor and provides an
opportunity to visit many sites not included in Egyptian
Odyssey, including the Faiyum, the Nile Delta, and a
Lake Nasser Cruise.


Egypt's Hidden Treasures                             

                      $7,790 to $11,890 per person

About Egypt's Hidden Treasures:
Egypt's Hidden Treasures is one of the most exciting
tours that we have offered. It includes all the must see
sights plus many sites requiring special admission, as
well as a number of sites closed to the general public.


Hieroglyphic Egypt                                        

                      $5,540 to $6,040 per person

About Hieroglyphic Egypt:
Hieroglyphic Egypt offers the rare opportunity. Through
classroom instruction and on-site exercises you will gain
a basic understanding of heiroglyphs, with an emphasis
on monumental inscriptions.


Sailing the Nile                                             

                      $4,400 to $7,400 per person

About Sailing the Nile:
Sailing the Nile offers a truly unique expereince. Enjoy
up to seven (7) days on a private dahabeyaha as you sail
between Luxor and Aswan. Join us on this once-in-a-
lifetime, never-to-be-forgotten journey.


The Royal City of Amarna                              

                      $ 750 to $ 945 per person

About The Royal City of Amarna:
Amarna was founded by the heritic King, Akhenaten, as
a result of his rebellion against the pantheon of
Egyptian gods. It only survived until his death, after
which it was abandoned.


Historic Alexandria                                       

                      $ 750 to $1,095 per person

About Historic Alexandria:
Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great and
became the most important city in Egypt during the
Ptolemaic and Roman periods. Most of its ancient ruins
are under the modern city or under the sea.


Sinai & St Catherine                                       

                      $1,200 to $1,450 per person

About Sinai & St Catherine:
The ancient Monastery of St Catherine is built on the
site where tradition says God appeared to Moses in the
burning bush and commanded him to free the Jews in


Sharm el Sheik & the Red Sea                      

                      $1,200 to $1,745 per person

About Sharm el Sheik & the Red Sea:
In addition to enjoying the Red Sea from the beach, a
three day dive package is available for a cost of $220
per person, including equipment rental. Glass bottomed
boats are also available.


Baharia Oasis & the Golden Mummies           

                      $ 750 to $1,095 per person

About Baharia Oasis & the Golden Mummies:
The Baharia Oasis is home to many Late Period tombs,
noted for the gold leaf decoration on their coffins. Thus
the name, the Golden Mummies. The White Desert is
known for its unique formations.


Timeless Jordan                                           

                      $1,945 to $2,205 per person

About Timeless Jordan:
The fabulous Nabataen city of Petra was rediscovered
in 1812. On this tour you will visit the "Rose Red City",
the excellently preserved, Roman city of Jerash and
scenic Wadi Rum.