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Plan 2 - A La Carte

Plan 2 lets you create your own special tour by selecting from our unique menu of options.

You will have:

Simply click on Create Your Tour below to start the process. We will get back to you by email with a Plan 2 Worksheet and Reservation form.

If you are unable to find the options you are looking for, we encourage you to proceed to our Plan 3 - Concierge Service.
Tour Length Options - We offer three options.

The length of any of the above can be extended by adding one or more Optional Extensions to your itinerary.

Meal Plans - We offer three meal plans.

The meals served on the Nile and Lake Nasser cruises are not affected by the meal plan chosen. All meals are included during the cruises.

Accommodations Options - We offer four accommodation options.

The boats used and the accommodations on the Nile and Lake Nasser cruises are not affected by the accommodation option selected.

Inter-city Travel Options - We offer three options for travel between cities.

Travelers will find that it often works best to mix travel, using different methods for different legs of the trip. If you choose to mix options you will need to let us know which method you want to use for each leg.

Cruise Options - We offer four different cruise options.

Travelers can select more than one cruise option if desired.

Site Visit Options - We offer over 50 site visits to choose from.

Keep in mind that a day of sightseeing normally consists of from 6 to 8 hours, depending on the energy of the traveler. Be sure to allow for travel time to and from the sites, as well as some leasure time.