Day 0, Saturday 
If Museum Tours arranges your travel to Egypt, you will leave New York at 6:30 pm on Egypt Air's overnight flight to Cairo.

Day 1, Sunday
Upon our arrival in Cairo you will be met by a Museum Tours Representative and taken by a private bus through Cairo and across the Nile river to your hotel, located near the pyramids, in time for a late lunch. The rest of the day you are free to relax and get over your jet lag.
B - in flight
L, D - Hotel
Hotel - Sofitel Sphinx (Value), Mena House (Standard and Superior) 

Day 2, Monday View Video
After breakfast, a short bus ride will take you from the hotel to the pyramids. You will visit the Pyramids at Giza. Explore inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu, visit the Solar Boat museum, and the ageless Sphinx of Khafra with its valley temple. After lunch, at the Mena House Hotel, you can either relax for the afternoon or, if you have the energy, join your guide and return to the Giza Plateau for a walking tour,
to visit the Pyramids of Khafra
and Menkara, with the remains
of their mortuary temples, the
ancient limestone quarry and
the Tombs of Qar and Idu.
B, D - Hotel
L - Mena House
Hotel - Sofitel Sphinx (Value),
         Mena House (Standard
         and Superior)
Day 3, Tuesday View Video
You will visit the ancient
necropolis at Saqqara for the
entire morning. Sites include:
the complex of the Step
Pyramid of Djoser (the world's first pyramid), the Pyramid of Unas with its pyramid texts and causeway, the Tomb of the Brothers, the Mastaba tombs of Meruka and Khagemni, and the Pyramid of Teti. After a late lunch you will drive to the ancient capital of Memphis with its beautiful Colossus of Ramses, before heading to the airport to catch your evening flight to Luxor, where you will transfer to your hotel, located near Luxor Temple.
L - Saqqara Palm Club Restaurant
D - Airport Hotel
Hotel - El Luxor (Value), Winter Palace Pavillon (Standard), Old Winter Palace (Superior) 

Day 4, Wednesday View Video
After a drive through town you will visit Karnak Temple, the largest temple complex in the
world, allowing ample time for wandering around. This will be followed by a visit to the Luxor
Museum. There will be plenty of time in the afternoon to visit the Bazaar. After dinner at a local
restaurant, you will have a chance to explore Luxor Temple for an after dark tour.
B, L, D - Hotel
Hotel - El Luxor (Value), Winter Palace Pavillon (Standard),
          Old Winter Palace (Superior)

Day 5, Thursday View Video
After an early breakfast you will cross the Nile to visit the West Bank. You
will begin your day by visiting the workers village at Dier el Medina and the
Tomb of Sennedjem , one of the best preserved tombs in all of Egypt. While
some may choose to take the bus, the more ambitious will have the
opportunity to hike over the hills, following a 3,500 year old trail, to the
Valley of the Kings where you will visit several of the most interesting tombs
open to the public, such as the Tombs of Thutmose III, Rameses VI and
Tutankhamen. We will finish our day with a visit to Dier El Bahri and the
Temple of Hatshepsut , and the Colossi of Memnon, giant statues of
Amenhotep III, before returning to your hotel. The remainder of the day is
free to enjoy the sights and sounds of Luxor.
B, D - Hotel
L - Africa Restaurant 
Hotel - El Luxor (Value), Winter Palace Pavillon (Standard)
          Old Winter Palace (Superior)
Day 6, Friday View Video
Today you will return to the West bank to catch the sights you
missed yesterday. Your schedule will include the Valley of the
Queens, including the beautiful and touching tomb of Khaemwaset,
a son of Rameses III who died in childhood. You will also have time
to visit the Ramesseum , the mortuary temple of Rameses II
(known as Rameses the Great), and Medinet Habu , the best
preserved of the New Kingdom temples. The remainder of the day
is free.
B, D - Hotel
L - El Nakeil
Hotel - El Luxor (Value), Winter Palace Pavillon (Standard)
          Old Winter Palace (Superior)
Day 7, Saturday
Sleep in this morning until noon when you will boardy our 5-star Cruise Boat
in time for lunch. The rest of the day is free. (If you prefer you can opt for a 
side trip to AbyDos and Dendara for an extra fee)
B - Winter Palace
L, D - Cruise Boat
Hotel - Cruise Boat

Day 8, Sunday
This morning your boat will set sail for Aswan. After passing through the
Esna Lock you will continue sailing until you reach Edfu where the boat
will dock for the night.
B, L, D - Cruise Boat
Hotel - Cruise Boat

Day 9, Monday View Video
This morning you begin your day at Edfu, where horse drawn carriages will take you to the stupendous, Ptolemaic Temple of Horus, the best preserved temple on the Nile. Your boat then sets sail to visit the twin Temples of Horus, the falcon headed god, and Sobek, the crocodile god, at Kom Ombo in the evening. You should arrive at Aswan after dark.
B, L, D - Cruise Boat
Hotel - Cruise Boat

Day 10, Tuesday View Video
This morning you will board a felucca to visit the Aswan museum and the archaeological digs on Elephantine Island, after which you will sail to visit, and stroll through, the Botanical Gardens on Kitchener's Island. You will transfer to the deluxe Movenpick Resoprt on Elephantine Island for lunch. In the afternoon, you will reboard your felucca for a visit to the 6th and 12th Dyansty Nobles Tombs on the West Bank.
B - Cruise Boat
L, D - Hotel
Hotel - Basma (Value), Movenpick Resort (Standard and Superior)
Day 11, Wednesday View Video
After an early breakfast, you will fly to the fabled temples at Abu Simbel built by Ramses II, for himself and his favorite wife Nefertari. You will return to Aswan in time for a late lunch. The remainder of the day is free.
B, L, D - Hotel
Hotel - Basma (Value), Movenpick Resort (Standard and Superior)

Day 12, Thursday View Video
You will begin the day with a short drive to see the new Nubia Museum, the newest, and, some say, the best, museum in Egypt. You will then visit the Unfinished Obelisk of the female Pharaoh, Hatshepsut, at the ancient granite quarry. Finally you will take a short boat ride to Agilka Island, new site of the Temple of Isis at Philae, considered by many to be the most beautiful temple in Egypt. This evening we will catch our plane back to Cairo where we will check into our hotel near the Nile.
B, L - Aswan Hotel
D - Cairo Hotel
Hotel - Radisson Blu(Value), Fairmont Heliopolis(Standard and Superior)

Day 13, Friday View Video
Today you will explore Old Cairo and learn about its Christian (Coptic) and Jewish past. Then you will visit the Citadel of Saladin and the Alabaster Mosque. After lunch and a brief stroll through the famed Khan el Khalili Bazaar, you will spend the entire afternoon at the Egyptian Museum with the Treasures of Tutankhamen and the Royal Mummy Room.
B - Hotel
L - Khan El Khalili Restaurant
D - el Hati Restaurant 
Hotel - Radisson Blu(Value), Fairmont Heliopolis(Standard and Superior)
Day 15, Saturday 
You will transfer to the Cairo Airport for you return flight home.
B - Hotel

NOTES:   B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner
Activities on days 3 and 13 are often switched. Items in the itinerary are subject to schedule changes. The right is reserved to substitute carriers or hotels should it be deemed necessary or desirable to do so. Specific activities are subject to availability at the time of the tour and we cannot be held responsible for monuments that are closed or otherwise unavailable. In this case, substitute activities will be made available whenever possible.

Egyptian Odyssey by Museum Tours

Egyptian Odyssey is the tour that launched our business and, while the itinerary has evolved over the years, it continues to be our most popular.

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About Egyptian Odyssey
Egyptian Odyssey Itinerary
Egyptian Odyssey is available with a choice of 3 accommodation options, giving you a greater range of vacation possibilities:
    Value - 4 and 5-star hotels
    Standard - 5 star hotels
    Superior - 5-star hotels with
          upgraded rooms
This trip is designed primarily for the first or second time visitor to Egypt, who has the time and desire to gain an in-depth appreciation for this ancient culture. It is a reasonably
priced, 14-day, 13-night, trip with departures every month of the year.  It includes visits to the most important and famous pharaonic monuments in Egypt as well as a number of impressive, but less visited places. There are also brief visits to the most important Islamic, Coptic and Jewish sites in Cairo.
A high standard of quality is maintained throughout, including stays in 4- star (Value) and 5- star (Standard and Superior)hotels and a five star cruise ship.
Additional Information
For a FREE color brochure, email us with your name and address. Please include the word "Egypt" in the subject line. If, in addition, you would like to reserve space on this trip, indicate the trip name (ODYSSEY) and departure date, and we will send you information, plus save you a place on the specified tour for 15 days. Then if you should decide to participate, you will be sure of having a spot. Of course, you are under no obligation.
Thutmose III
The 5-star Mena House Hotel at the base of the Pyramids.
The Temple of Rameses at Abu Simbel.
An Egyptian Bazaar
The mask of King Tutankhamun
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