Day 0, Saturday
If you select Museum Tours to arrange your international air to Egypt you will depart the U.S. today.

Day 1, Sunday
Upon your arrival in Cairo, you will be met by a Museum Tours Representative. Our private bus will then take you through Cairo and across the Nile river to the garden wing of the five star hotel, The Mena House , located at the base of the pyramids, in time for a late lunch. The rest of the day you are free to relax and get over your jet lag.
L, D - Mena House
Hotel - Mena House

Day 2, Monday
This morning we will take a different look at the Giza Plateau.
Of course we will visit the Great Pyramid of Khufu. But we will
also explore his subsidiary pyramids (built for his queens?)
and several of the mastaba tombs of the nobles of the 4th
and 6th dynasties. The Sphinx and valley temple of Khafre
are also on our schedule. After lunch at a local restaurant
we will take a short drive to Abusir to explore the ruins of the
5th dynasty pyramids located there. If time permits we will
also pay a visit to the Old Kingdom Sun Temple located
B, D - Mena House
L - Saqqara Palm Club
Hotel - Mena House

Day 3, Tuesday
We drive today to visit the pyramids at Dashur, the Red and the Bent Pyramids of Snofru. We will be able to explore inside the Red pyramid, the worlds first true pyramid. We will continue on to Maidum where we will visit the Collapsed Pyramid of Huni and Snofru . We will continue our drive to the Faiyum , where we will be able to visit several of the Middle Kingdom monuments. In the evening we will return to Cairo in time for a late dinner.
B, D - Mena House
L - Restaurant near the Faiyum
Hotel - Mena House
Day 4, Wednesday
We will drive to the delta today and visit San el-Hagar . This is the ancient capital of Tannis and was used as the burial site for the Pharaohs of the 21st and 22nd dynasties .
B, D - Mena House
L - box lunch
Hotel - Mena House

Day 5, Thursday
Today join us for a visit to an unscheduled site which will be selected
by your guide, based on the situation at the time of the tour.
B, D - Mena House
Hotel - Mena House

Day 6, Friday
This morning we will check out of our hotel and fly to Abu Simbel, where
we will transfer to our Lake Nasser Cruise Boat. The day at Abu Simbel,
you will be left to explore the two great rock-cut temples of Rameses II,
built for himself and his great wife Nefertari, on your own.
B - Mena House
L, D - Cruise Boat
Hotel - Cruise Boat

Day 7, Saturday
We will arise early and head out to see the sun rise on the Great Temple of Rameses (if permitted by the authorities at the time). Sometime, around midmorning we begin to sail north. Our boat will stop along the way to allow time for a visit to the Temple of Thutmose III at Amada and the Temple of Rameses at el Derr
B, L, D - Cruise Boat
Hotel - Cruise Boat

Day 8, Sunday
Most of the day will be spent sailing on Lake Nassar . While continuing to make our way to Aswan we will stop for visits at Wadi Sabura and Dakka
B, L, D - Cruise Boat
Hotel - Cruise Boat
Day 9, Monday
This morning we will visit Kalabsha, the largest free standing temple on Lake Nassar , and the small rock cut temple of Beit el-Wali built by Rameses II and dedicated to Amun-Ra. After we disembark in Aswan we'll take a camel ride to St Simon monastery . We will also pay a visit to the granite quarry and the  fabulous New Nubia Museum, before we catch our evening flight to Luxor, where we will check into the Winter Palace Pavillon.
B, L - Cruise Boat
D - Winter Palace
Hotel - Winter Palace Pavillon

Day 10, Tuesday
Today we will visit two of Egypt's most spectacular and under-visited sites,
Abydos and Dendara . At Abydos we will explore Temple of Seti I in depth
before paying a brief visit to the Temple of Rameses II and the Osirium.
After a snack lunch (on your own) we will spend a couple of hours at the
Temple of Hathor at Dendara , one of the best preserved temples in all of
Egypt. After dinner at a local restaurant, we will pay an after dark visit to
Luxor Temple .
B - Winter Palace
L - Box lunch on the road
D - Metropolitan Restaurant
Hotel - Winter Palace

Day 11, Wednesday
After a short drive across the Nile, we will visit the Valley of the Kings, where we will explore three tombs, and the Western Valley, where we will see the Tomb of Aye . After lunch at a local West Bank restaurant, we will pay visits to several of the Nobles' tombs and the little seen Temple of Seti I . If time permits we will add other sites to our itinerary before returning to Luxor and our hotel.
B, D - Winter Palace
L - Africa Restaurant
Hotel - Winter Palace
Day 12, Thursday
The entire morning will be spent a Karnak Temple with an emphasis on exploring several of the more out of the way and less visited sites, such as the small Temple of Ptah, built by Thutmose III , and the Temple of Khonsu, with its cartouches of the high priest Harihor. In the afternoon we will fly back to Cairo and transfer to a downtown hotel.
B - Winter Palace
L - Oases Cafe
D - Cairo Marriott
Hotel - Cairo Marriott 

Day 13, Friday
The entire day will be spent in the Cairo Museum researching 3000 years of Egyptian History (with a break for lunch to explore the Khan el Khalili bazaar)
B - Cairo Marriott 
L -  Kahn el Khalili Restaurant
D - el Hati
Hotel - Cairo Marriott 

Day 14, Saturday
Transfer to the Cairo Airport for hyour flight home.
B - Cairo Marriott 
NOTES:   B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner
The right is reserved to substitute carriers or hotels should it be deemed necessary or desirable to do so. Items in the itinerary are subject to schedule changes. Specific activities are subject to availability at the time of the tour and we cannot be held responsible for monuments that are closed or otherwise unavailable. In this case, substitute activities will be made available whenever possible.

Egypt Revisited by Museum Tours

Designed for the traveler who has toured Egypt in the past and would like to return to see some interesting new sites, as well as the Pyramids, Valley of the Kings, etc. It includes a cruise on Lake Nasser.

Photo - Kmt/Forbes
About Egypt Revisited
Egypt Revisited Itinerary
This trip is designed primarily for the traveller who has visited Egypt before and desires to gain a deeper understanding of this fascinating culture. It is a 14 day, 13 night (international airfare available at extra cost), trip which includes visits to the most important and famous pharonic monuments in Egypt as well as a large number of impressive, but lesser visited places. A high standard of quality is maintained throughout, including stays in five star hotels and a five star cruise ship on Lake Nassar.

The tour price is the same as for our Egyptian Odyssey, standard tour.
Additional Information
For a FREE color brochure, email us with  your name and address and indicate the trip name, REVISITED. Please include the word "Egypt" in the subject line.
If, in addition, you would like to reserve space on this trip, indicate the trip name, REVISITED, and departure date, and we will send you information, plus save you a place on the specified tour for 15 days. Then if you should decide to participate, you will be sure of having a spot. Of course, you are under no obligation.
Thutmose III
The mask of King Tutankhamun
Luxor Temple
Temple of Rameses II at Abu Simbel