Day 0, Jan 14, Saturday
If you arrange your international air travel through us, you will travel to New York on your own and join the group for an overnight flight from New York to Cairo on Egypt Air, departing JFK airport at 6:30 pm.

Day 1, Jan 15, Sunday
Upon your arrival in Cairo you will be met by a Museum Tours representative, who will assist with your checked luggage. Our private bus will then take us through Cairo and across the Nile river to the five-star hotel, Mena House, located near the pyramids. There will be a one hour orientation at 5:00 pm.
Hotel - Le Meridien 

Day 2, Jan 16, Monday
This morning there will be a three hours of classroom instruction. After lunch we will head for the ancient capital of Memphis with its magnificent and beautiful Colossus of Ramses as well as other inscribed monuments. After two hours on site we will return to the hotel for one hour of class.
Hotel, B - Le Meridien

Day 3, Jan 17, Tuesday
After breakfast we will head to the Giza Plateau where we will spend the entire day. Of course we will visit the Pyramid of Khufu, and the ageless Sphinx of Khafra with its valley temple. But our study will involve visits to a number of private tombs, including the Tombs Qar and Idu, where we will study the inscriptions. This evening there will be a one hour class.
Hotel, B - Le Meridien
Day 4, Jan 18, Wednesday
We will visit the ancient necropolis at Saqqara for the entire morning. Sites include: the Step Pyramid of Djoser (the world's first pyramid), causeway of the Pyramid of Unas, and the Mastaba tombs of Meruka and Khagemwy. After lunch we will return to the hotel for a three hour class. 
Hotel, B - Le Meridien

Day 5, Jan 19, Thursday
The the day will be spent at the Egyptian Museum with the Treasures of Tutankhamen, studying and translating inscriptions of your choice. From here we will drive to the airport to catch our evening flight to Luxor, where we will transfer to the historic, five-star Winter Place Pavillon. There will be a one hour class in the evening.
Hotel - Winter Palace Pavillon, B - Le Meridien

Day 6, Jan 20, Friday
There will a three hour class at the hotel in the morning. We will spend the afternoon at Karnak Temple, the world's largest temple complex, studying and translating the inscriptions. We will concentrate primarily on the 19th dynasty inscriptions in the large columned hall.
Hotel, B - Winter Palace Pavillon

Day 7, Jan 21, Saturday
We will spend the morning at Luxor temple studying the 18th and 19th dynasty inscriptions. In the afternoon we will have a three hour class back at the hotel. The evening will be spent at the Luxor Museum studying and translating some of the many inscriptions it contains.
Hotel, B - Winter Palace Pavillon
Day 8, Jan 22, Sunday
Today we will drive to the West bank to visit the Ramesseum, the mortuary temple of Rameses II, or the temple of Hatshepsut at Dier el Bahri, where we will study some of the ceremonial and historical inscriptions. Finally, we will stop for a brief visit at the Colossi of Memnon, the giant statues of Amenhotep III, before we return to our hotel for our three hour afternoon class. 
Hotel, B - Winter Palace Pavillon

Day 9, Jan 23, Monday
We will return to the West Bank to visit Medinet Habu, the best preserved of the New Kingdom temples where we will study ceremonial as well as historical inscriptions. There will be a three hour class back at the hotel.
Hotel, B - Winter Palace Pavillon

Day 10, Jan 24, Tuesday
Today we board our bus for a visit to El Kab, site of many early New Kingdom tombs. Here we will explore the famous Tomb of Amose, son of Ebana, and translate the historical inscriptions it contains. We may also visit other tombs from this period. There will be a one hour class in the evening.
Hotel, B - Winter Palace Pavillon

Day 11, Jan 25, Wednesday
We will recross the Nile to visit the Valley of the Kings, where we will visit several of the most interesting tombs open to the public. The decision as to which tombs we will visit will be based on small crowds and appropriate inscriptions. The remainder of the morning will be spent visiting several of the Nobles' Tombs on the West Bank. We will have a three hour class in the afternoon.
Hotel, B - Winter Palace Pavillon

Day 12, Jan 26, Thursday
We will return to Karnak Temple for the entire day, with an emphasis on translating the historical inscriptions contained in the Annals of Thutmose III. There will be a one hour class at the hotel in the evening.  If you choose, you can take a side trip to Abu Simbel today and tomorrow (this is an extra cost option), rejoining the group in Cairo on Friday evening.
Hote, B - Winter Palace Pavillon

Day 13, Jan 27, Friday
You are free until we will transfer to the airport and fly back to Cairo where we will check into the Novotel near the airport.  The rest of the day is free
Hotel - Airport Novotel, B - Winter Palace Pavillon

Day 14, Jan 28, Saturday
You will be transferred to the Cairo airport for your flight home.
B - Novotel
An optional add on to AbuSimbel is abvailable that replaces Friday and Saturday in the above schedule.  If you choose this option you will fly honme on Sunday, Jan 29.
NOTES: B = Breakfast
The right is reserved to substitute carriers or hotels should it be deemed necessary or desirable to do so. Items in the itinerary are subject to schedule changes. Specific activities are subject to availability at the time of the tour and we cannot be held responsible for monuments that are closed or otherwise unavailable. In this case, substitute activities will be made available whenever possible

Hieroglyphic Egypt by Museum Tours

January 15 - 28, 2017
There is no better way to learn the ancient Egyptian language than our on-site course, Hieroglyphic Egypt. We are offering both beginning and intermediate studies of Egyptian hieroglyphs. The itinerary is the same, but the class work and emphasis are different. The two groups will travel together and it will be possible for participants to jump from one group to the other, at any time desired, based on your own needs and progress.

Photo - Kmt/Forbes
About Hieroglyphic Egypt
Hieroglyphic Egypt Itinerary
This trip is designed primarily for the traveler who wants to learn more about the ancient Egyptian language while exploring Egypt's classic monuments. It includes a rather intensive two week course in understanding Hieroglyphic inscrip-tions, presented by  Dr. Kevin Johnson (tentative), of the University of Memphis, much of it on site. There will be practical exercises, classroom instruction and private study. There will also be free time for shopping and other fun.

It is clearly not possible to become fluent in any foreign language in just two weeks, however at the end of the beginning course you should have a good understanding of the hieroglyphic script as well as the ability to obtain a good general understanding of many of the inscriptions you may encounter. By the end of the intermediate course you should understand many of the rules of grammar and be able to do reasonable translations of many of the inscriptions you might encounter.

The course work is based primarily on the works of Alan Gardiner, Karl-Theodor Zauzich, Mark Collier and Bill Manley.

Because of the instructional nature of this program, total participation in the program is strictly limited to 20 participants. Yet for all this the tour
cost is being kept quite low.

You may save space for this tour by sending us an
e-mail with your request, including the tour name "HIEROGLYPH", your name, address and phone number. We will then hold space for you without obligation for 10 days. Make sure you include the tour name in your email.
Can You Read This
Can you translate the following inscription? It is part of the autobiography of Amose, son of Ibana, which we will be translating when we visit El Kab on day 10 of the tour.
Thutmose III