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The following is a brief summary of the tours to Egypt currently being offered by Museum Tours.
Pharaonic Highlights is the lowest priced, tour we have ever offered. It is a 9 day, 8 night, tour which includes international air between New York and Egypt, leaving New York every Saturday of the year. It includes visits to Cairo and Luxor (with an optional overnight trip to Aswan and to Abu Simbel).  This family friendly trip is designed for the first time visitor who is traveling on a budget but still wants a great experience. It is also available without international airfare for an even greater savings.
Egypt by Train is a low priced tour for those who would like to travel Egypt by rail. It is a 12 day, 11 night, trip that covers all the major sights, but the travel from Cairo to Luxor and from Aswan to Cairo are on Egypt's deluxe, overnight trains. Travel from Luxor to Aswan is by van, and the optional trip to Abu Simbel may be made either by plane or by van. For those who don't like boats or planes, or just like the idea of traveling by train, this is the perfect trip.

Pharaonic Journey is a modestly priced, 12 day, 11 night, trip to Egypt, leaving New York almost every Tuesday of the year.  It includes visits to Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Abu simbel and includes a 5 day, 4 night, Nile cruise.  This trip is designed primarily for the first time visitor.

Egyptian Odyssey is our most popular tour. Yet it remains quite 
reasonably priced.  It consists of a 15 day, 14 night, trip to Egypt, personally accompanied by an experienced Museum Tours staff guide throughout. It includes a 4 day, 3 night, Nile cruise. You are now able to bookEgyptian Odyssey departing New York on almost any Saturday of the year with an licensed, expert, Museum Tours' guide.

Egypt Revisited is a reasonably priced tour, consisting of a 15 day, 14 night, trip especially designed for those who have previously traveled with us on our Egyptian Odyssey, Pharaonic Journey or Egypt by Train. For the avid Egypt enthusiast, Egypt Revisited is the premiere tour. We offer 5-star accommodations, a deluxe, Lake Nassar Cruise, experienced tour leaders and fully licensed, expert guides. You will visit the major sites as well as a significant number of lesser visited locations. We offer only two departures annually for this special tour (Mid-October and Mid-February).

Grand Odyssey is a very special, private tour, offered at a very fair price. It consists of a 16 day, 15 night, trip to Egypt, in which you will stay in the finest, 5 star, grand Victorian hotels in Egypt (the palace section of the Mena House in Cairo, the Old Winter Palace in Luxor and the Old Cateract in Aswan). It includes a private cruise aboard the NeferuRa, one of the few, historic dahabeyahs still sailing in Egypt (of course, you can cruise on a standard cruise boat if you desire). The itinerary is similar to ourEgyptian Odyssey, but the accommodations, sailing the Nile (instead of a diesel powered 100+ passenger cruise boat) and private tour status make this tour extra memorable.  Participation is limited to the members of your party. Grand Odyssey may be scheduled for departure at any time of the year.

Sailing the Nile is a very special, private tour,offered at a very fair price. Sailing the Nile begins when you are picked up from your hotel in Luxor and taken to the NeferuRa, one of the few, historic dahabeyahs sailing the Nile. You will then embark on a 3, 4 or 5 night private cruise, sailing from Luxor (Esna) to Aswan aboard the 100 year old NeferuRa, which has been recently restored to all of its former elegance. All meals aboard the boat, admissions to sights along the Nile and a private guide are included (You are on your own for sights in Luxor and Aswan).  This is a private tour, with participation limited to the members of your party only (maximum of 5 or 7 by special arrangement). Sailing the Nile may be scheduled for departure at any time, provided it has not been previously booked.
Hieroglyphic Egypt is a bargain priced tour.  What better way to learn to understand the ancient hieroglyphic inscriptions than by actually studying on site? During this tour we will be seeing the sights in Cairo and Luxor. Stays wil be in either 4-star or 5-star hotels throughout. The tour has both beginning and intermediate courses to choose from.  Join us for this rare educational experience.

The Complete Valley of the Kings  isexpensive but well worth it. Subject to final approval from Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, and sponsored by the Archaeological Institute of America, this tour will visit virtually every Royal Tomb in Egypt famed Valley of the Kings. From Thutmose I to Horemheb, from Rameses I to Tauseret, from Setnacht to Rameses XI you will be able to visit tombs that have never been open to the general public. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Egypt's Private Tombs is our newest tour, being offered for the first time in 2008. This tour will explore Egypt through it's private tombs ...  the tombs of the artisans, high officials, nobility and members of the royal family. These tombs are historically important because they often contain biographical texts. Artistically these tombs rival, and in some cases exceed, the tombs of the kings and queens. We will travel by bus from Cairo to Aswan stopping at many sites along the way to visit these tombs, many of which are closed to the public.

Tour Extensions in Egypt & the Middle East. Museum Tours now offers extensions to popular destinations in and near Egypt, which can be added on to your tour of Egypt. These extensions can be taken either before or after your regular tour. Destinations include:
     The Royal City of Amarna
     Historic Alexandria 
     The Baharia Oasis & the Golden Mummies
     Sinai and St. Catherine's Monastery
     Sharm el Sheikh and the Red Sea
     Splendors of Israel
     Timeless Jordan and the Rose Red City of Petra
Please, contact us for more information on these extensions.


When you travel with Museum Tours you -

See more. Our trips are each individually designed by Dr. Bill Petty for the travel enthusiast.

Have more quality time. We plan our schedule so you have more time at the more important attractions.

Do more. Our trips feature a two hour walking tour of the Giza plateau, where you'll see things you could never see from a bus.

Experience more quality. We stay, whenever possible, in historic, 5-Star hotels

Have less crowds. To the extent possible, we monitor other groups and arrange our schedule to avoid the inevitable crowds