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Egypt's Private Tombs
February 23 - March 8, 2008
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This unusual tour will give you the opportunity to explore Egypt through its great variety of private tombs. From Cairo to Aswan, from the Old Kingdom to the Late Period, the tombs of the artists, administrators and relatives of the Royal Family offer a rare glimpse of the life and art of Egypt that are not found in the royal tombs and temples. With tomb decorations that often challenge, and in some cases surpass, that of the kings' burials, descriptions of the afterlife and historical inscriptions that simply cannot be found anywhere else, these tombs will provide you with a view of ancient Egypt that is truly unique.
We will travel from Cairo to Aswan by private bus, stopping along the way at important sites and visiting a representative sample of private tombs, many of which are closed to the general public. Some of the sites we will visit include:

Giza and the workers cemetary
Beni Hassan
Deir el Bersha
Dier el Gabrawi
el Qasr wa'l Saiyed
El Kab
El Moalla

This special tour is being offered at a price substantially below the price of our other comperable tours (those requiring the opening of sites closed to the public). For additional information about this, or any, of our tours email us.

Note: Visits to all tombs which are not open to the general public are subject to final approval from Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities. Because of the special arrangements needed to offer this program, we require a minimum of 18 participants and are limiting participation to a maximum of 30.
Day 1, Sat, Feb 23 - Depart from NY
If you are coming from the US, you will travel to New York on your own and join the group for an overnight flight to Cairo. If you prefer, you can travel on your own and meet the group in Egypt on Sunday.
O/N - Enroute

Day 2, Sun, Feb 24 - Cairo/Giza
Upon your arrival you will be met by a Museum Tours representative and transferred to the Mena House Hotel, at the base of teh pyramids. There will be a welcome reception at 5:00 pm.
O/N - Mena House

Day 3, Mon, Feb 25 - Giza
Today we will visit the Giza Plateau concentrating on the private tombs located there. In addition to the tombs of Qar, Idu and other high officials, whose tombs are open to the public, we plan to visit the tomb of Merysankh and the tombs at the workers village.
O/N - Mena House

Day 4, Tue, Feb 26 - Giza
After breakfast we will head to Saqqara where we will visit the Tomb of the Brothers, the tombs of Mereruka, Kagemni, Ptahhotep and Ty, as well as a number of tombs not open to the public ... Nefer, the three doctors, Maya and others.
O/N - Mena House
Day 5, Wed, Feb 27 - Giza/Minia
Today we will drive to Minia. Along the way we will stop at Maidum to see the mastaba tombs, including Rahotep and Nefermaat.
O/N - Aten
Day 6, Thu, Feb 28 - Minia
We will visit Beni Hasan, with the middle kingdom tombs located there, and Deir el Bersha to see the tomb of Djhutyhotep.
O/N - Aten
Day 7, Fri, Feb 29 - Minia
A visit to Amarna will take up the entire day. We plan to explore both the Northern and Southern cemeteries.
O/N - Aten
Day 8, Sat, Mar 1 - Minia/Luxor
We will head south toward Luxor, stopping at Qasr wa'l Saiyed, with the tombs of Idu Senemi and Tjauti, and Dier el Gabrawi with the tomb of Ibi.
O/N - Winter Palace Pavilion
Day 9, Sun, Mar 2 - Luxor
Luxor has a lot to see and we will spend three days exploring it.  In addition to the open tombs (Ramose, Senedjem, Sennifer, etc) we will also visit several important closed tombs, such as Ineni, Tjanuny, Amenemhab, and Neferenpet.
O/N - Winter Palace Pavilion
Day 10, Mon, Mar 3 - Luxor
We will conitnue our exploration of Luxor's West Bank tombs.
O/N - Winter Palace Pavilion
Day 11, Tue, Mar 4 - Luxor
Today will be a free day in Luxor, giving you the opportunity to visit those sites most important to you, such as Karnak Temple, The Valley of the Kings or the Luxor Museum.
O/N - Winter Palace Pavilion
Day 12, Wed, Mar 5 - Luxor/Aswan
Back on the road, we head south once more, stopping at el Moalla, with the tombs of Ankhifi and Sebekhotep. At el Kab we will visit the tombs of Amose son of Ibana, Amose Pennekhbet, Pahery and others.
O/N - Aswan Movenpick
Day 13, Thu, Mar 6 - Aswan/Cairo
We will explore the Archaeological site at Elephantine Island before we sail to the West Bank to visit the tombs of Sarenput, Harkuf, Heqaib and more. This evening we will fly to Cairo.
O/N - Nile Hilton
Day 14, Fri, Mar 7 - Cairo
The entire day will be devoted to the Egyptian Museum. Our farewell dinner is this evening
O/N - Nile Hilton
Day 15, Sat, May 8 - Cairo/New York
This morning you will be taken to the airport for your flight home.