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Build-Your-Own Trip

Build-Your-Own Trip lets you create your own special tour by selecting "a la carte" from our unique Egypt Travel Menu. Enjoy planning your trip. The use of this site is for your benefit alone and puts you under no obligation what-so-ever. If you are unable to find the options you are looking for, we encourage you to proceed to our Concierge Travel.

With Build-Your-Own Trip you have many options:

Scroll down the page and mark your choices. Click REVIEW YOUR TRAVEL PLANS to view a summary of your trip along with a cost estimate. You can make changes and review your tour as much as you want. If you would like for us to review your Planning Form and get back to you with an itinerary and price quote, simply fill in your name and email, and click the REVIEW YOUR TRAVEL PLANS button. You must include your name and email address in order for us to respond. We will acknowledge receipt of your Planning Form, and get back to you with an complete itinerary and price quote as soon as possible. Submission of your Planning Form does not put you under any obligation.

IMPORTANT: When you click the REVIEW YOUR TRAVEL PLANS button it will open a separate "My Trip" window, allowing you to return to the "Build-Your-Own Trip" window to make changes as desired. If you close the "Build-Your-Own Trip" window all the information your have entered will be lost, so be sure to send your Planning Form to us prior to closing it. Your information is never stored on our web site.

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Tour Length Options - Select one of the 5 options below (the default is 15 days).

  21 days - You arrive on day one and depart on day 12, giving you 19 full days for sightseeing.

  18 days - You arrive on day one and depart on day 12, giving you 16 full days for sightseeing.

  15 days - You arrive on day one and depart on day 15, giving you 13 full days for sightseeing.

  12 days - You arrive on day one and depart on day 12, giving you 10 full days for sightseeing.

    8 days - You arrive on day one and depart on day 8, giving you 6 full days for sightseeing.

The selected duration does not include any Optional Extensions which may be added to your itinerary.

Meal Plans - Select one of the 3 options below (the default is Full Board).

  B & B - Our lowest priced option, you will get a full breakfast every morning.

  Half Board - You will receive breakfast and one other meal each day. The second meal may be
    either lunch or dinner, depending on the day's itinerary.

  Full Board - You will receive three meals a day.

The meals served on the Nile and Lake Nasser cruises are not affected by the meal plan chosen. All meals are included during the cruises.

Accommodations Options - Select one of the 6 options below (the default is Standard).

  Local - Our lowest priced option, uses nice, clean, unrated hotels throughout.

  Value - A budget priced option that uses 4-star hotels throughout.

  Standard - This is the best value with high-end 4-star and 5-star hotels throughout.

  Premium - For those who want higher-end experience, with more historic 5-star hotels and better views than Standard.

  Deluxe - An even better experience, with great accommodations and views at historic 5-star hotels throughout.

  Luxury - Our best experience, great accommodations with the best views at historic 5-star hotels, plus limosine

The boats used and the accommodations on the Nile and Lake Nasser cruises are not affected by the accommodation option selected.

Inter-city Travel Options - Select one or more of the 3 options below for travel between Cairo, Luxor and Aswan (the default is Plane).

  Plane - You will travel by air between major cities on the tour.

  Train - This is the lowest cost option as it generally includes an overnight sleeper car and replaces
    one night at a hotel. Please note that the trains and tracks are old and not particularly well

  Private Vehicle - The is the best option if you want to stop at sites along the route.

Travelers will find that it often works best to mix travel, using different methods for different legs of the trip. If you choose to mix options you will need to let us know which method you want to use for each leg.

Cruise Options - Select none, one or more of the options below (the default is No Cruise).

  Nile River Cruise - Sail on a cruise boat from Luxor to Aswan, or Aswan to Luxor, stopping at
    Edfu and Kom Ombo along the way.

  Sailing the Nile - Sail on a dahabeyah from Luxor to Aswan. Sailing is private, the entire boat
    being reserved for your party only.

  Lake Nasser Cruise - Sail on Lake Nasser from Abu Simbel to Aswan, or Aswan to Abu Simbel,
    stopping at Amada, el Derr, Wadi Sabura and Dakka.

    No Cruise - The is the default option and the choice if you don't want to spend the time on a
    cruise. ( You can still stop at sites between Cairo and Aswan by selecting Private Vehicle as an
    Inter-city Travel Option).

Travelers can select more than one cruise option as desired.

Site Visit Options - Choose from over 50 site visits. Select all that apply. Admission fees, including itmes listed (extra cost), are included in the calculation of the cost estimates.

  • Cairo Area -
    Giza Plateau
          Half day
          Full day
          Inside the Great Pyrmid (extra cost)
          Half day
          Full day
          New Kingdom Tombs of Horemheb and Maya (extra cost)
      Memphis Outdoor Museum, 2 hours
      AbuSir, 2 hours
      Dashur, Half day
      Dashur & Maidum, Full day
      Heliopolis (Obelisk of Senuseret), Half day
    Egyptian Museum
          Half day
          Full day
      Royal Mummys (extra cost, located at the Museum of Egyptian Civilization)
      Old Cairo, 3 hours
      Citadel, 2 hours
      Islamic Cairo, 3 hours
      Coptic Museum, 3 hours
      Khan el Khalili Bazaar, 1 hour
    Free time in Cairo
          Half day
          Full day

  • Cairo to Luxor -
      Drive from Cairo to Amarna by van, in either direction (includes Dashur, Meidum, Beni Hasan and Amarna), 3 days
      Drive from Amarna to Luxor by van, in either direction (includes AbyDos and Dendara), 2 days

  • Luxor -
    East Bank -
      Karnak Temple
          Half day
          Full day
          Open Air Museum (extra cost)
          Precinct of Mut (extra cost)
    West Bank -
      Valley of the Kings (about 12 tombs are open)
          Half day
          Full Day
          Tomb of Seti I (extra cost)
          Tomb of Tutankhamun (extra cost)
          Tomb of Rameses VI (extra cost)
          Western Valley (extra cost)
        Carter House Museum, 1 hour
        Valley of the Queens, 2 1/2 hours (4 tombs are open)
          Tomb of Nefertari (extra cost)
        Deir el Medina, 2 1/2 hours
    Free time in Luxor
          Half day
          Full day

  • Luxor to Aswan -
      el Tod, Full day (12 miles South of Luxor)
      el Kab, Full day (55 miles South of Luxor)
      Esna, Half day(40 miles South of Luxor)

  • Aswan -
      Nubia Museum, 2 hours
      Granite Quarry, 2 hours
      Philae Temple, Half day
      Kitchners Island, 2 hours
    Free time in Aswan
          Half day
          Full day

  • Nubia -
      Abu Simbel, Full day (included in the Lake Nasser Cruise)

  • Optional Extensions - These can always be added later if you wish.
      The Royal City of Amarna - - adds three (3) nights to you tour.
      Historic Alexandria - - adds three (3) nights to you tour.
      The Sinai & St Catherine's - - adds four (4) nights to you tour.
      Sharm el Sheik & the Red Sea - - adds five (5) nights to you tour.
      Baharia Oasis & the Golden Mummies - - adds three (3) nights to you tour.
      Timeless Jordan & the Rose Red City of Petra - - adds four (4) nights to you tour.

  • Keep in mind that a day of sightseeing is normally 6 to 8 hours, depending on the energy of the traveler. Be sure to allow for travel time to and from the sites, as well as some leisure time.

          Solar Boat Museum (extra cost)
          Nobles Tombs (extra cost)
          Camel Ride (extra cost)

          Tomb of the Brothers (extra cost)
          Serapeum (extra cost)
          Inside the Step Pyramid (extra cost)

        Luxor Museum, 2 hours
        Luxor Temple, 2 hours
        Mummification Museum, 1 hour
        Visit a local family, 2 hours
        AbyDos and Dendara, Full day (110 miles North of Luxor)

      Nobles Tombs (more than 20 tombs are open)
          Half day
          Full day
        Ramesseum, 2 hours
        Medinet Habu, 2 hours
        Meremptah Temple, 1 hour
        Deir el Bahri, 2 hours
        Seti I Temple, 1 hour
        Colossi of Memnon, 20 min
        Hot Air Balloon ride over West Bank Monuments, 2 hours

      Edfu, Kom Ombo, Full Day (included in Nile Cruise)
      Gibel Silsila, Full Day (90 miles South of Luxor)

      Elephantine Island, 2 1/2 hours
      Sehel Island, 2 1/2 hours
      West Bank Nobles Tombs, 2 1/2 hours
      Tempel at Kalabsha, 3 hours
      St Simeon's Monastery, 2 1/2 hours