Egypt's Hidden Treasures

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This exciting 15-day tour provides an exclusive experience for the discriminating traveler. It includes all the must see sights plus many sites either requiring special admission or sites closed to the general public.
Note - Due to the cost of operating this tour, we have a minimum number of two participants.


Day 1, Sunday - Cairo
You will be met upon your arrival in Cairo and assisted through passport control and customs. Our van will then drive you to your hotel, located near the pyramids.
O/N (Overnight) - Giza

Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

Day 2, Monday - Cairo
This morning you will visit the Giza Plateau exploring inside the Great Pyramid (Special Admission), and the surrounding area. Then it's down to the Valley Templeof Kafra where we will have a private tour inside the Sphinx complex (closed to public). After lunch near the hotel you will have a private walking tour of the Giza Plateau, visiting a number of sites off the general tourist paths.
O/N - Giza

Step pyramid at Saqqara Egypt

Day 3, Tuesday - Cairo
Today you will be driven south to visit Saqqara, where you will be allowed on a private tour inside the Step Pyramid (Closed to public) gaining access through the south, Late Period entrance. Then a short walk will take you to the tombs of Maya and Horemheb (Special Admission), the Tomb of the Brothers (Special Admission) and the Serrapeum (Special Admission) After lunch we will visit the Memphis outdoor museum before returning to the hotel.
O/N - Giza

Statue at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Day 4, Wednesday - Cairo / Aswan
The entire day will be spent at the museums in Cairo. The Grand Egyptian Museum (if open), the Egyptian Museum, where you will see the Treasures of Tutankhamun (Special Admission) and then the Museum of Egyptian Civilization to see the the Royal Mummy room (Special Admission). This evening you will fly to Aswan and transfer to your hotel.
O/N - Aswan

Sunlight shining through columns at Philae Temple, Aswan, Egypt

Day 5, Thursday - Aswan
This morning you will visit Philae Temple, perhaps the most beautiful temple in Egypt. Later you will stop for a visit to the ancient granite quarry, with its New Kingdom inscriptions and unfinished obelisk. After lunch, enjoy a felucca ride with a visit to the Botanical Gardens on Kitchener's Island. The evening is free to relax or shop on your own.
O/N - Aswan

Abu Simbel Temples from the Lake

Day 6, Friday - Abu Simbel
Fly to Abu Simbel where you will board your cruise boat for lunch. Visit the fantastic rock cut temples of Rameses II at (built to honor himself and his Queen, Nefertari). A wonder of ancient and modern engineering, these temples were raised to higher ground when the Aswan High Dam was built. This evening enjoy the Sound and Light Show at Abu Simbel.
O/N - Cruise Boat

Queen Hatshepsut's Temple close up

Day 7, Saturday - Lake Nasser
You will begin sailing to Aswan, visiting Amada (the oldest surviving Nubian Temple, containing some of the best preserved Nubian reliefs) and Dakka, dedicated to the god Thoth, along the way.
O/N - Cruise Boat

Day 8, Sunday - Lake Nasser / Aswan
Today you will visit Wadi el Sabua temple as we continue sailing on Lake Nasser toward Aswan. The temple is noted for its avenue of sphinxes, and was partly carved directly into the rock. You will arrive at Aswan this evening.
O/N - Cruise Boat

The majestic Kom Ombo temple between Luxor and Aswan, in Egypt

Day 9, Monday - Aswan / Edfu / KomOmbo / Luxor
You will take a short motorboat ride to visit Kalabsha Temple before you catch your van to Luxor. You will have a chance to visit the Temple at Kom Ombo and the tombs at El Kab along the way.
O/N - Luxor

Some beautiful colors on a row of columns at Medinet Habu Temple in Luxor, Egypt

Day 10, Tuesday - Luxor
Today you will drive to the West Bank and the Valley of the Queens where you will gain access to the tomb of Nefertari (Special Admission). Preserved through a grant from the Getty Foundation, this is perhaps the most beautiful tomb in Egypt. You will also visit the touching tombs of Khaemwaset and Amunherkhepresef, two young sons of Rameses III, before driving to see his mortuary temple at Medinet Habu.
O/N - Luxor

Valley of the Kings tomb ceiling depicting beautifully colorful vultures

Day 11, Wednesday - Luxor
The morning will be spent on the West Bank, where you will visit the ancient workers village at Deir el Medina and the Valley of the Kings. Here you will visit the tomb of Tutankhamun (Special Admission), KV 9, the tomb of Rameses VI (Special Admission), the tomb of Seti I (Special Admission), as well as three additional tombs. The afternoon is free to explore or shop on your own. This evening we will visit Luxor Temple for an enchanting, after dark tour.
O/N - Luxor

entryway of King Seti 1 mortuary temple with an interesting hole above the door.

Day 12, Thursday - Luxor
Today you will visit Deir el Bahri with Hatshepsut's Temple and the mortuary temple of Seti I. After lunch you will see several Nobles tombs.
O/N - Luxor

The beautiful White chapel at Karnak

Day 13, Friday - Luxor / Cairo
All morning will be spent exploring Karnak temple, the worlds largest temple complex, where you will visit the open air museum (Special Admission) with the beautiful White Chapel. This afternoon you will fly to Cairo and transfer to your hotel near the Egyptian Museum.
O/N - Cairo

colorful back panel of King Tutankhamun's golden chair in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo

Day 14, Saturday - Cairo
Your last day in Egypt is free. Revisit a favorite site. Continue your exploration of the Egyptian Museum, arrange with your guide to see other new sights, or just relax.
O/N - Cairo

A pile of luggage at an airport

Day 15, Sunday - Cairo
Transfer to the airport for your flight home.

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