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The best Egypt tours in the business! See what tours we offer below. However, if you have specific ideas about what you want to do and see, we can make it happen. Follow the link here to:

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Preplanned Tour overview

Take the stress out of touring Egypt with one of Museum Tours’ pre-planned package tours (and add-ons).

The colorful ceiling and columns at the Temple of Horus at Edfu, Egypt
The 15-day Egyptian Odyssey may be the perfect tour of Egypt.
It all begins with experience. Museum Tours’ decades of experience means that you’ll see all the major sites that no trip to Egypt would be complete without.  Let our guides take you back through time to experience Ancient Egyptian history in a way that avoids crowds and gets off the main track. Your Egyptian Odyssey can start at only $6,381 per person, and includes a Nile cruise.
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Step Pyramid of Djoser
The 15-day Egypt Revisited tour gets more in-depth for repeat visitors.
With Egypt Revisited, you will take more time to explore and gain a deeper understanding of Ancient Egypt’s great culture.  You will still visit many of the must see locations but you will also explore many of the lesser visited sites to broaden your appreciation for this amazing place. This tour starts at $6,381 per person and includes a Nile cruise.
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Goddess Ma'at colorfully painted above the lintel in Queen Nefertari's Tomb. Depicted with vulture wings on her arms.
Spoil yourself with Egypt's Hidden Treasures and uncover the secrets of Ancient Egypt
Treat yourself to luxury accommodations and visit sights other tourists can't with this 15-day luxury tour. Egypt's Hidden Treasures gains you access to all the normal must-see sights of Egypt and also takes you to see sights that require special permissions and extra fees to gain access. From $9,136 per person.
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The 12-day Pharaonic Journey packs a lot of Ancient Egypt into a compact tour.
If your budget or schedule can’t handle a 15-day tour, a 12-day tour might be the perfect option for you. Museum Tours’ Pharaonic Journey sees the major sites of Ancient Egypt at a slightly faster pace and still includes a Nile cruise.  Starting at only $4,033 per person, our superior team handles everything so you can focus on enjoying the splendors of this incredible country.
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kids in front of sphinx
Our experts created the 8-day Pharaonic Highlights tour with families in mind
Museum Tours’ experts designed the 8-day Pharaonic Highlights specifically for families with children.  This fully guided tour ensures a great experience that fits into school holidays, making it a flexible and affordable choice.  Its the perfect way to see Egypt with your family without the stress of do-it-yourself trips. This fast-paced trip does not have a Nile cruise and starts at only $1,758 per person.
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historic sailboat on the Nile
Sailing the Nile
Museum Tours’ most unique touring experience.  Enjoy an all-inclusive 3 to 7 days sailing on a dahabeyah between Luxor and Aswan with a full crew to cater to your needs. Sailing the Nile can also be substituted for the Nile cruise in our other tours for an additional fee.
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ampitheater in Alexandria
Museum Tours' Extensions
In Egypt there is always more to see! Museum Tours is pleased to offer several add-ons, turning your packaged tour into the perfect vacation.  Add Alexandria, Amarna, Baharia or Siwa Oasis, Sinai and St Catherine’s Monastery, or Sharm el Sheik and the Red Sea.
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