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This 15-day tour to Egypt was designed for those who have visited Egypt before and want a more in-depth trip. It covers the major sites of Cairo and Luxor, plus many less-visited sites including the Faiyum, Nile Delta, and a Lake Nasser Cruise.


Day 1, Sunday - Cairo
You will be met upon your arrival in Cairo and assisted through passport control and customs. Our van will then drive you to your hotel, located near the pyramids.
O/N (Overnight) - Giza

the pyramids on the Giza Plateau in Egypt

Day 2, Monday - Cairo
This morning we will take a different look at the Giza Plateau. Of course we will visit the Great Pyramid of Khufu. But we will also explore his subsidiary pyramids (built for his queens?) and several of the mastaba tombs of the nobles of the 4th and 6th dynasties. The Sphinx and valley temple of Khafre are also on our schedule. We will then take a short drive to Abusir to explore the ruins of the 5th dynasty pyramids located there.
O/N - Giza

The Bent Pyramid of Snofru at Dashur showing erosion but quite a bit of its surface intact

Day 3, Tuesday -Cairo
We drive today to visit the pyramids at Dashur, the Red and the Bent Pyramids of Snefru. We will be able to explore inside the Red Pyramid, the worlds first true pyramid. We will continue on to Maidum where we will visit the Collapsed Pyramid of Huni and Snefru. In the afternoon we will continue our drive to the Faiyum, where we will be able to visit several Middle Kingdom monuments. In the evening we will return to Cairo.
O/N - Giza

Day 4, Wednesday - Cairo
We will drive to the delta today and visit San el-Hagar. This is the ancient capital of Tannis and was used as the burial site for the Pharaohs of the 21st and 22nd dynasties. Many monuments from Rameses' city, PiRameses, were relocated here in ancient times causing archaeologists to think they had discovered PiRameses when Tannis was first excavated.
O/N - Giza

Step pyramid at Saqqara Egypt

Day 5, Thursday - Cairo
This morning we will visit Saqqara where you will be able to explore the Step Pyramid of Djoser, the Pyramid of Unis and the New Kingdom tombs of Horemheb and Maya. After lunch join us for a visit to the ancient city of On, location of the still standing Obelisk of Senuseret.
O/N - Giza

The grand temple of Abu Simbel in Southern Egypt.

Day 6, Friday - Abu Simbel
This morning we will check out of our hotel and fly to Abu Simbel, where we will transfer to our Lake Nassar Cruise Boat. At Abu Simbel you will be left to explore the two great rock-cut temples of Rameses II, built for himself and his great wife Nefertari, on your own.
O/N - Cruise Boat

Beautiful cruise boat on Lake Nasser

Day 7, Saturday - Lake Nasser
We will arise early and head out to see the sun rise on the great temple of Rameses. Sometime around midmorning we begin to sail north. Our boat will stop along the way to allow time for a visit to the temple of Thutmose III at Amada and the temple of Rameses at el Derr
O/N - Cruise Boat

Day 8, Sunday - Lake Nasser
Most of the day will be spent sailing on Lake Nassar. While continuing to make our way to Aswan we will stop for visits at Wadi Sabura and Dakka.
O/N - Cruise Boat

A view of the carvings and colors of the lintel at the Temple of Horus at Edfu

Day 9, Monday - Lake Nasser / Aswan / Luxor
This morning we will visit Kalabsha, the largest free standing temple on Lake Nassar, and the small rock cut temple of Beit el-Wali built by Rameses II and dedicated to Amun-Ra. After we disembark in Aswan we'll take a camel ride to St Simon monastery. We will also pay a visit to the ancient granite quarry with the unfinished obelisk, and the fabulous Nubia Museum, before we catch our evening flight to Luxor, where we will check into our hotel by the Nile River.
O/N - Luxor

Beautifully decorated ceiling and column tops at Dendara Temple near Luxor, Egypt

Day 10, Tuesday - Luxor
Today we will visit two of Egypt's most spectacular and under-visited sites, Abydos and Dendara. At Abydos we will explore the Temple of Seti I in depth before paying a brief visit to the Temple of Rameses II and the Osirium. On our way back to Luxor we will spend a couple of hours at the Temple of Hathor at Dendara, one of the best preserved temples in all of Egypt. This evening we will enjoy an after dark visit to Luxor Temple.
O/N - Luxor

Colorful images from inside the Temple of Seti 1.

Day 11, Wednesday - Luxor
After a short drive across the Nile, we will visit the Valley of the Kings, where we will explore three tombs plus the tombs of Tutankhamum, Seti I and Rameses VI. This will be followed by a short drive to the Western Valley, where we will see the Tomb of Aye. After a stop to see the Carter House Museum we pay visits to several of the Nobles' tombs and the little seen Temple of Seti I.
O/N - Luxor

Queen Hatshepsut's Temple close up

Day 12, Thursday - Luxor
The day is free to explore Luxor on your own. Choose from the many sites open to the public, including the Luxor Museum, the Mummification Museum, more Nobles tombs, the Ramesseum, Medinet Habu, Deir el Bahri, Deir el Medina, and more.
O/N - Luxor

The stately Red Chapel at Karnak Temple Complex in Luxor Egypt

Day 13, Friday - Luxor / Cairo
The entire morning will be spent a Karnak Temple with an emphasis on exploring several of the more out of the way and less visited sites, such as the small Temple of Ptah, built by Thutmose III, and the Temple of Khonsu, with its cartouches of the high priest Harihor. In the afternoon we will fly back to Cairo and transfer to a downtown hotel.
O/N - Cairo

colorful back panel of King Tutankhamun's golden chair in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo

Day 14, Saturday - Cairo
The entire day is dedicated to the Cairo Museum researching 3000 years of Egyptian History (with a break for lunch). In the evening a visit to the Khan el Khalili bazaar with our farewell dinner to complete our day.
O/N - Cairo

Pile of Luggage at an Airport.

Day 15, Sunday - Cairo
Transfer to the airport for your flight home.

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